We need to manage the demands of growth

Our economy has improved, and we’ll keep working on projects that support this trend. But we also have to make sure Wellington benefits from the impact of this growth.

A bigger population means we’ll need more houses, a more efficient transport system, and infrastructure that can cope with higher demand.

Making the city more resilient

In November 2016, Wellington was tested by a serious earthquake. The city responded well, but we have more work to do.

We need to make the city even stronger, and better able to deal with whatever the future brings.

Developing areas where we have a competitive advantage

Our investment in the arts over many decades has paid off – Wellington has an enviable reputation as a centre of culture. But other cities are also investing in these areas.

To stay competitive, we need to keep supporting our arts and culture sector.

Maintaining economic growth

The high quality of life our city offers depends on a sustainable, strong economy. We’re on the right track, and our challenge is to keep the current momentum going.