Have your say on our 10-Year Plan. Consultation opens in 26 days (April 15).

What people are saying  

Tell us what you think about our 10-Year Plan priority areas. Have your say on our 10-Year Plan - 15 April

Housing — 14 responses

Our population is growing. How do you think Wellingtonians should be housed in the future?


More central city apartments


More medium-density housing in our suburbs

Resilience and Environment — 15 responses

How long do you think we should take to strengthen our city?


It’s a high priority – get it done as soon as possible


It’s a low priority – do the work over a longer period of time

Transport — 16 responses

How would you like to travel in and around Wellington?


Using a motorised vehicle, like a car or motorbike


Using an active transport mode, like walking or cycling

Arts and Culture — 15 responses

What would you like to see us focusing on?


Attracting international acts


Supporting local acts and events

Sustainable Growth — 14 responses

How do you think we should maintain a strong economy?


By investing in activities and facilities that support the tourism sector


By investing in activities and projects that support the digital/tech sector