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Tō Tātou Taone o Āpōpō

Wellington is a great place to live, work, and play. We want to keep it that way. This means we need to understand the changes that are affecting the city and the challenges they bring. We also need to be smart about how we invest in our city and deliver services. The things we learn will help us shape our next Long-term Plan.

We want to know what you think. Have your say today and help shape Wellington’s future.

Our Population is Growing

We expect between 50,000 and 80,000 more people will live in Wellington by 2043. This will have a big effect on our city.

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The Sea and the Climate are Changing

As a coastal city, Wellington is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – particularly sea level rise and severe weather events.

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The Earth is Moving

The November 2016 earthquake highlighted the need to make our city more resilient.

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What do you want for Wellington?

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New or expanded suburbs

Subdivisions give people an opportunity to buy stand-alone houses on larger sections. However, more people living further out of the city might mean extra cars on the road at peak times.

Should more homes be built outside of the central city?

What do you want for Wellington?

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Green buildings

Green buildings can be expensive to construct, but they could help us manage water and carbon.

Should we construct green buildings in Wellington?

What do you want for Wellington?

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Different types of transport

Having different kinds of transport gives people flexibility. However, limited space might mean having to prioritise some types over others.

Do we need different transport options in Wellington?

What do you want for Wellington?

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Support for creativity

Cities with vibrant creative hearts are popular places to live and work. However, sometimes artists and performers who contribute to the vibrancy, can’t find studios or venues in the city.

Is it important to have studios and venues in the city?

What do you want for Wellington?

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Earthquake strengthening

There are lots of ways to make a city safer in an earthquake. However, the money needed to make buildings stronger might mean other projects can't go ahead.

Is it important to spend money strengthening buildings?

What do you want for Wellington?

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More homes in the central city

Communities living closer together can make efficient use of limited space. However, prioritising land for apartments might impact green space.

Are apartments a good option for housing Wellington’s growing population?

What do you want for Wellington?

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Arts and culture for everyone

Large scale arts and culture festivals are expensive to produce. However, free festivals mean everyone can enjoy arts and culture.

Are subsidised cultural events important for Wellington?

What do you want for Wellington?

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Small businesses in the city

Being in the heart of the city makes collaboration easier for start-up companies. However, central office and workshop space can be too expensive for new businesses.

Is it important to support small businesses in the central city?

What do you want for Wellington?

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A city on the water

A city built on the harbour offers unique opportunities for recreation. However, as extreme weather events increase, keeping valuable buildings and services safe becomes more challenging.

Should we keep developing areas close to the coast?

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